Energetic, experienced and creative violin player who likes to inspire people and students, open to new ideas
and opportunities.

Born in 1975, obtaines his primary school teacher Diploma at the “S.T.D’Aquino ” Institute in Correggio –
Reggio Emilia in 1995 and in 1998 his Bachelor’s degree in violin at the “A.Peri” musical Institute in the
same city.
Between 1995 and 1999 teaches violin to children at the “A.Peri” musical Institute in Reggio Emilia, takes
part in the Tutti violin section in the following orchestras : “A. Toscanini” in Parma , “G.Verdi” in Milan ,
Orchestra del Teatro Comunale in Bologna, and he’s selected for the “Italian youth orchestra” in Fiesole.
Obtaines the suitability at the “Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchestra” conducted by Claudio Abbado, wins the third prize at the international competition of Tortona and second prize at “Racconigi City” competition (first prize not assigned ).
From 1999 to 2001 admitted by audition at the Musical Institute in Lugano (Switzerland) furthering his
musical studies under the guidance of Master Massimo Quarta (first prize at the Paganini international violin
competition) and wins the two yearly auditions at ” Giuseppe Verdi ” Theatre in Trieste where he works as
co-principal first violin.
In 2007 obtains his Master degree in Violin and musical studies at the “A.Peri” musical Institute in Reggio
In 2001 wins the international competition for tutti violin at the National Accademy of Santa Cecilia in
Rome  where he worked until 2013.
He chose to quit symphonic orchestra seat and currently as freelancer is part of some chamber music
ensemble like Virtuosi Italiani, sharing his music knowledge, experience and passion creating new opportunities of improvement especially for young musicians both in Italy and abroad.